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Our Pastor

Our Pastor here at Bethel Outreach Ministries is the lovely Pastor Stephanie Mason. Pastor Stephanie became a faithful follower of Christ at a young age. It was in June of 2007, that the Lord sent Pastor Stephanie to walk and learn up under the leadership of Pastors Grant & Gladys Johnson. During that time she learned how to do deliverance, to hear God, and to lead God's people. One night, the Lord showed Pastor Stephanie in a dream that she was carrying a baby, and that the baby will be brought up front. The baby she was carrying was Bethel Outreach Ministries!! In June of 2010, the Lord ordained her as a minister; she began to start her ministry in preaching and teaching God's people the heart of God. In this process, she was ministering in nursing homes and senior citizen homes feeding the people spiritual words as well as natural food. In October of 2010, she was ordained as Pastor and God allowed her to open a youth center. This was a place where she ministered to the youth with counseling, mentoring, and fellowship in a Godly manner. In October 2014, the Lord blessed the church to locate where the word of God continues to move and grow people up spiritually in him. Pastor Stephanie loves God, and will do anything to see his ministry grow. She never stops working because she knows that her reward in heaven will be great so she must keep on pushing. Pastor Stephanie has taught us how to forgive, love who you are, fight the devil, and many more things. She will continue to teach God's love until it's her time to go home and be with him.


Church History

"We're an Army rising up"


   When Apostle Gladys Johnson fell ill she along with her husband Pastor Grant Johnson had to move to Dallas Texas. So when Pastor Stephanie finished her minister's training in 2010, she was ordained as Pastor and took over to continue to do many things with the Church and Ministry. In June of 2010, the church opened a youth ministry at 4449 S. Division Wyoming MI. During that time, the church had regular church services, mentoring, transportation, group sessions, field trips, dinners/lunches, plays, sports activities, etc. 

     Unfortunately, due to lack of support the church could only keep the building open for a year. However,  the church continued to minister to the people (including the elderly), by throwing different  events at Pine Oaks Apartments. During those events the Church provided the word of God and a hot meal!

     Finally, in October 2014 the church relocated and opened up our building here at 154 36th Street, Wyoming Michigan. Where the church continues to grow every day. Here at Bethel Outreach Ministries we are fighters, and we never give up! We know that we have a purpose, and with God on our side we can overcome any obstacle the devil throws at us. We strive to continue teaching and preaching God's word to the people, and our doors are always open to anyone who may need assistance. We are Bethel Outreach Ministries! An army rising up!!

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